About Us.

PagrRx.com uses its novel technology to provide prescription services to those at home. We use our own EHNAC and HIPAA certified software, P.A.G.R. Prescriptions, to connect you with licensed doctors and healthcare professionals, during a difficult time when many are uncomfortable leaving home. P.A.G.R. Prescriptions is a unique e-prescribing product that allows us to show you the cheapest out of pocket costs for your medication and schedule an online appointment with a doctor that can fulfill your needs. All of the doctors on our platform have gone through an extensive credential verification process to ensure you get treated by a professional. PagrRx.com and P.A.G.R. Prescriptions are owned by EirSystems Inc, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. To learn more about P.A.G.R. Prescriptions and our company, visit www.EirSystems.net.